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Merle Norman now offers Ear Piercing services!

  • Ear Piercing is a medical procedure. Worldwide, most ear piercings are performed on children as a first-time piercing experience. Our GentlePierce for kids program is specifically designed for children to have the best possible piercing experience.
  • Our sterilized Medical Grade Titanium piercing earrings are designed to avoid metal allergies and skin sensitivity. They have protective surgical steel “Lock in Place” earring backs and for added safety, all earring styles are designed with “Rounded Ornaments”. We include after-care solution and ear care instructions to ensure healthy ear piercings. As a result, your child will experience a safe, healthy and gentle ear piercing.
  • GentlePierce for kids also includes, a “Remember theDate” card and a “I just had my ears pierced” pocket mirror to add to the memorable experience! We know you will enjoy our product.


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